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BHI Publications Folio & Blueprint Books
Military Railway System - World War 2

These were assembled by the Transportation Corps of the US Army
to aid the crews in identifying and maintaining the US & Allied (mostly UK)
built equipment as well as captured & liberated equipment in Europe.
Each book is $29.99 + s&h

US Army Locomotives, Cars,
and Equipment
Folios are a form of simple blueprints and every railroad in the US had them through the 1980's. Most of the recovered folios are in poor shape
and so require extensive repair, editing, and in some cases redrafting.

Each Road or Category has a separate section
so be sure to scroll all the way down to see them all.

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(2 volumes in 1)
Locomotives, Cars,
and Equipment
Kansas City Southern Lines / Louisiana & Arkansas Rwy.

Standard Gauge - Freight Cars & Cabooses 1984     92 Pages, 89 illus.
Nashville, Chattanooga, & St. Louis (NC&StL)

Passenger Car  Folio Diagrams  1948     66 Pgs., 66 illus.

1906 Peabody Coal Shippers &
1911 Ship Diagrams for Coal Loading

Book including both:  108 pgs., 107 illus.   $34.99

Delaware, Lackawanna, & Western Railroad

Passenger Equipment  1941     80 Pgs., 165 illus

Railway Post Office Specs & Drawings 1938 &
Named Passenger plus Named/Nicknamed Freight Trains 1948

Book includes all three      66 pgs., 64 Illus.  $34.99