US Army Transportation Corps
Military Railway Service WW II

Folios/Blueprints of railroad equipment:
French Locomotive Data Book

A reference for modelers and historians

Edited & restored by Tim Mulina

This book has heavy duty,
laminated cardstock
paper covers and is
8 1/2" wide and 11" tall.

Sample pages are below.

MSRP $29.99 + s&h

This book has 75 pages with 72 folios.

This book was something that the MRS had
on hand for their crews operating the trains and the shops in the areas concerned.

The drawings are essentially blueprints that a skilled craftsman such as their crews were already, could recognize, repair, and service equipment that was in service. Many of the pieces of equipment were captured/liberated French, Italian, and German railway items.

Included in this book are French Locomotives of their major Railroads. These locomotives were captured /liberated as the Allied forces swept into French controlled lands.  After the war they helped keep the French people from starving and brought the prosperity of peace there. The locos range from simple 0-6-0 yard goats to the largest & fastest in the country.
Below are some sample pages from the book.
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