Boston & Maine

Freight Train Symbols 1950

Freght Car Folio Diagrams 1952

Edited & restored by Tim Mulina, BHI Publications

This book has heavy duty, laminated cardstock covers and is 8 1/2" wide and 11" tall.

Sample pages are below.

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This book includes two smaller ones. First is the 1950 Freight Train Symbols book. This is what the crews and other interested parties used to know which abbreviation applied to which train so they could route them correctly whether they were going to some locaiton on the B&W or if they were going to another interchanging road.

The 1952 Folio drawings are essentially blueprints that a skilled employee
could recognize, repair, and service equipment that was in service.

This book has 86 pages with 85 folios & tables.

Below are some sample pages from the book.
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