Mastering Model Railroading,
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Electronics & Animation - Vol. 1

Lighting With Surface Mount LED's
by Laurie McLean, MMR
Below are a sampling of pages from the book.
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For those modeling the D&RGW narrow gauge lines and wanting to get even more information on the DRGW Cabooses, we highly recommend the following books as well:

Quick Pic Book on the DRGW Class 5 Cabooses

Robert Sloan's  SECOND EDITION of A Century+10 of D&RGW Narrow Gauge Frt.                                                                 Cars 1871-1981 Revised & expanded
This title covers how to install working marker lights using surface mount LEDs in the Blackstone HOn3, D&RGW long caboose with alternatives for any caboose operating on DCC systems as well as how to install a function only DCC decoder to control all of the caboose lighting projects in the book individually. Even though this book uses an HOn3 caboose as the example, the same techniques are applicable in most other scales and even standard gauge equipment too.

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There is a chapter covering some structure uses but those are covered in much greater depth in the book on Modular Interiors for Urban Structures.

This book has 50 pages with B&W photos & drawings plus
4 pages of full color model & prototype photos
This book is spiral bound so it lays flat and has heavy duty,
full color, paper covers and is
8 1/2" tall and 5 1/2" wide.

Sample pages are below.

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