Denver & Rio Grande Western

The D&RGW General Merchandise Freight Book #2 is a full color book.

It is not intended to show the depth of details that the Normal Quick Pic Books with all black & white photos show
but rather an overview of selected shots that we felt would be good to see in color.

The following subject are in this book: K-28 Class Locomotives, #1500-#1999 Series High Side Gondolas,
#5500-#5849 Series Stock Cars, #32-#81 Class 4r Series 30' Reefers, UTLX  Frameless Tank Cars,
#4100-4499 & #4900-4999 Class 6 Boxcars in M-O-W Service, Class 5 Caboose (long with curved roof)

Below are some sample pages from the book.

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Click here for ordering info