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Denver & Rio Grande Western RR

T-12 Class Locomotives (road numbers 168 & 169)

Our Quick Pic Book series shows the subjects in extensive black & white photographs which have often been digitally edited to best exhibit the details.

The T-12 class of locomotives came on the D&RG property in 1883 as the class 47/47n locomotives and were built specifically to pull the varnish. Of the two survivors of the class, #168 which is in Colorado Springs is said to have pulled the first train to Ogden, UT scant months after arriving on the property and performed well for the next 50 years when it was retired and donated to the city of Colorado Springs while #169 ended up in Alamosa after its useful service life was over.
Thought built for varnish, it ended the years on the property as a yard switcher.
While 168 is stuffed and mounted, number 169 is being restored to operational condition by representatives of the city Alamosa and the Friends of the 169.
***update Fall 2015 #169 is being restored for service on the Cumbres & Toltec***

This book has 94 pages with 296 B&W photos
This book is spiral bound so it lays flat and has heavy duty, full cover, paper covers and is
8 1/2" tall and 5 1/2" wide.

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