This FULL COLOR book is an overview of the 2002 Chama Steam excursion
and highlights particular equipment not often run together anymore. It contains selected shots that we felt would be good to see in color to help modelers and historians get things right. The weather included a snowstorm on Cumbres Pass.

The following subjects are in this book:
K-37 & K-27 Class Locomotives, #1000-1499 High Side Gondolas,
#3000-3749 Box Cars, #150-169 40' Reefers, #6200-6219 Flat Cars, UTLX Narrow Frame Tank Cars, 30' Caboose #0503, C&TS homebuilt Caboose #0306.

This book has 46 pages with 101 color photos
This book is spiral bound so it lays flat and has heavy duty, full color, paper covers. It is
8 1/2" tall
and 5 1/2" wide.

Sample pages are below.

MSRP $29.99 + s&h
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Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad in Color

Chama Steam 2002