This book is the first of a set of two books
that focus on the primary facilities in Chama, NM for steam train operations as they existed
in 2001-2014. The books do not include ANY vintage images but most of what is shown has changed little since the D&RGW quit operations.
Because many of the structures are large, or
dark, or a combination, the images have been digitally mastered and have been overexposed
as needed to be able to show the details as
good as possible. In the course of documenting these structures the photography team made multiple trips to Chama to get the right lighting
on a structure or to document changes.
The structures shown in this book are
shown to the right in the Table of Contents.
The coal tipple is the largest single structure
in the yard and as such has the largest number
of photos and pages. There are captions throughout the book describing how things work as well as some which describe colors or
finishes of certain items in these books that may be hard to correctly guess at from the photos.
This book is spiral bound so it lays flat
and has heavy duty,
full color, paper covers. It is 8 1/2" tall and
5 1/2" wide.

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Denver & Rio Grande Western

Steam Service Facilities
Chama, NM

Book 1 of 2
This book has
112 pages with 306 photos